Research & Development

Internet of Trees

The IoTrees project aims to develop a durable smart low-cost dendrometer to measure the tree diameter and send the measurement information seamless to the ForestHQ platform where the user can interact with the forest data to estimate the forest growth and monitor crop health. This solution will reduce the cost of data collection and will result in more frequent forest measurements improving the sustainable monitoring of forest resources


The SLOPE project will integrate information from remote sensing and on-field surveying systems, to support analysis to characterize forest resources. Spatial information will be integrated with multi-sensor data in a model for Sustainable Forest Management and for optimization of logistics during forest operations

Advanced SAR

In the Advanced SAR project we seek to establish the leading position in forest biomass and biomass change mapping and significantly contribute to the creation of the market growth in precision forestry business, which would benefit all forest owners in the EU. The project will also contribute to enhancing of the competitiveness o f the European industry by closing the gap between research and business.


The SATMODO project is aimed specifically at the round-wood timber harvesting market, by facilitating ”live” monitoring of harvest processes. To date the SATMODO project addressed current harvesting issues in remote areas by utilizing both cellular and satellite transmission technology as a means of providing data transmission pathways for the live harvest data from the Harvester Machine.

SatForM 3D

The main objective of this project has been to develop an online cloud based service that allows integration and analysis of Earth Observation (EO) and forest inventory data by using a simple user interface. One of the key objectives of this platform is to provide the forest owners and management companies with easy to use analysis tools that help them to make better decisions and to demonstrate that the use of remote sensing data can successfully facilitate the field data collection.


The overall objective was a novel logistic system, ‘FlexWood’, to provide value recovery along the wood supply chain. It integrated elements from inventory to the saw mill.